good afternoon everybody we’re back here again for another quick short tutorial here video on our main topic today is what is local SEO to explain what local SEO is let’s just say you’re a plumber that’s in saying Cincinnati Ohio so you want to go in here you want to type in let’s say plumber okay plumber in Cincinnati Ohio now somebody is
searching in this area in the in a plumber they say if you don’t have to type in Cincinnati if you’re in that area let’s just say you’re traveling through that area or you’re a local resident in Cincinnati well you don’t have to type in Cincinnati you just type in plumber and your phone is going to automatically search in this incident of the area but what you want is you want your website if you have a website in your plumber you want your site ranking up in here you either want to be on the maps up here on the top three of the maps or as these are ads up here these are basically all ads Google guaranteed these are the ones that Google are basically backing up in promoting themselves and because they have already done a background check on them and all that stuff but this is an ad right here these are not ads these are the matched listings and to get into maps listings you have to have a Google my business account this right here is a Angie’s List rhoda rooder is obviously a local plumbing company which is a pretty big company in Cincinnati and so obviously if you see that they’re a plumber in Cincinnati that’s their main keyword so if you look our keyword with plumber in Cincinnati and there it is their
qualifier is an emergency plumber or roto-rooter because a lot of people know who wrote a ruger is so your main subject here is plumber in Cincinnati that’s your main keyword so we’ll go into that and depth a little bit further later on in another video today we’re talking about what is local SEO local SEO is basically optimizing your website for locally so let’s just find 8 right here oh here the best plumber in
Cincinnati let’s go to this guy let’s check out his metrics check out what he’s looking at here see this is his home page right here here’s his plumbing services here’s what he does here’s all the stuff that he does and as you notice here’s a Cincinnati plumber and if we go in here and inspect this since in a plumbing company
we’re probably gonna find that says h1 tag which it is an h1 tag is something that’s basically based around your main keywords so you want your main keywords to be something associated with the word Cincinnati and at your plumbing company so that’s that’s how you start to pinpoint your you’re somebody searching in that area for a plumber
and that’s what they’re doing so then there’s reasons and you want to go through here and put your like providing your age to Jean or h3s your here’s probably an h2 or h3 let’s see
this is h2 the area’s best plumber which is a basically a longer tail variation of his main keyword which is plumbers in Cincinnati now obviously because they’re still searching in Cincinnati the area’s best plumbers so therefore they’re looking at the area’s best which would be Cincinnati as you’re searching in Cincinnati so that’s a good qualifier to go after and if you go on down further you’ll probably see the area there’s that one here’s their offer and some 10% off and stuff which is great if you need a service right here you go you contact them this is a pretty good site right here very basic very quick very simple then you got all your your your
different keywords right here disposes water heater gas line what people are looking for if they’re ever searching for like drain cleaning is number one so if we go in here and click on their drain cleaning plumbing services is way it’s but the best plumbing Cincinnati plumbing services is what they’re offering is this service and they’re offering drain cleaning here this is a professional drain cleaning company right here we inspect this if we look this should be an h1 it is an h1 the h2 is providing quality plumbing solutions which basically is a qualifier it’s basically a longer tail variation of you know a plumbing solution so that’s their longer tail variation reason your drains are backing up this is kind of it this could be a question or a statement and you can actually even relate this you can link this back to your home page and they are not linking it but they could link they could form this into a
question or tie it into their main keyword reasons your drains are backing up and since the
the Ohio and then linked that back to your home page there was something he associated around the plumbing plumbing in Cincinnati reason your drains are plugging up the reason your dreams are getting backed up in Cincinnati whatever just somehow to link it back or you can come down in here and link your your content back to your main page they’ve got a Contact Us page link right here this is all about semantically relating your keywords together which is our h1 your h2s on your H threes and they have an h4 recommended reading which is recommended reading would probably not be a very good age for my customers trust us is basically they they really need that to be more of a of a keyword but that’s fine that’s probably one of the reasons they’re not ranking number one is they’re they’re semantically related keywords in here or there they’re semantic structure of their keywords aren’t perfect a lot of
customers trust us that shouldn’t even be a H tag I wouldn’t think you want your H tags to be something related to your keywords which helps Google
understand what the page is about and putting why customers trust us I don’t see how that could tell Google Y that their pages at forming website
you see what I’m trying to get at but they do have a plumbing service this is linked to their plumbing services which that should be linking back to their home page this is a perfect place to link this back to your home page right here in reliable team and offers of our reliable team that has all necessary tools to provide nearly all plumbing services in Cincinnati if they put all plumbing services in Cincinnati and link that back to their home page which is right here and that’s it links back to this page all you have to do is do an internal link back to this page and that will help internally structure their website internally so basically that’s kind of what we’re looking at here you want all your services in one area right here there and then here’s your areas that they’re servicing when they’re just trying to geotag their areas which is fine they have some tips on here they have the reviews on here they do have a blog post they have financing I don’t know if they have a robots file let’s go see real quick they have a robots.txt file they do they do not have a their sitemap in here which it needs to be in here see if they do have a sitemap XML let’s see if a sitemap does they doesn’t have they do have a sitemap which looks pretty decent I don’t think they have an HTML sitemap let’s go look at the HTML sitemap
let’s go back here and look at it see if they have an HTML sitemap at the bottom of page they should have an HTML sitemap down here and they do not the plumbing services a privacy apology policy they do need a Terms of Service page on here and there’s their sitemap is that an HTML sitemap let’s go see yes it is it is an HTML sitemap okay so they do have an HTML sitemap on here however they do need that in the footer the footer section well I guess it could be
considered a footer that’s fine that’ll work right there where it’s at then here’s all of their links at plumbing Cincinnati Twitter stuff like that so basically have all their basic stuff together and if you guys are wondering where I’m getting all this information from I do have a free tutorial that you can see this right here here’s one of my mom doing it for one of my guys right here locally as you can see it’s just a basic this kind of goes over it like does it have a sitemap in there in there right here do they have the site pervert version does their sitemap and a robot stock tax doesn’t have a sitemap period us have an HTML sitemap do you have an about page term service page this is the kind of stuff that I do on a free audit I do offer this as a free audit and basically that’s one of our free audits that we’re doing right now to help you guys understand the your structure of your website so anyway if you are interested in that you can just contact me at I’m at Daniel Denbo com or you can go to my website Daniel Denbo comm and you can view it you can get it from here also you can go into here and you can also get it from here you just click here fill out this well that’s for a free consultation you can click here if you want this
get a free audit we could do that or if you want the template if you just want the template itself go right here get your free website on a template you open this up and it’ll send you send it right to your email this is from my main site of my website so you get a free template or if you want to free on it I will Abdul one free right now or if you just want the template itself and you do it yourself
it’s right there anyway that’s kind of why you want to what is local SEO that basically breaks down what local SEO is and if you have any questions feel free to ask them or leave them in the
comments and I’ll try to respond to them as soon as I can
you guys have a great day