Platinum Insurance

I had a client that started out as kinda an outsider, he had no website, no GMB (Google My Business) listing, no online presence other than was in his industry for 8 years. I built his GMB Listing out and once we got our listing verified, which was a challenge in itself, then I started building the listing out, after a few setbacks that we worked through together, we started seeing our listing move after all our efforts started paying off, it took a total of 3-1/2-4 weeks to get to this level. Now he is at the top of the map pack for his local area, getting several calls per week and excited to be part of the business for himself. 


Quality Auto Repair

This local client had an outdated Google My Business Listing that hadn’t received views for so long it had no traffic at all… After talking with the owner, Rex H. we decided to build out his Gmb for 2 categories, one was Auto Repair and the other was Diesel Repair because he offered both services in his business. After getting quickly verified we went to work, now he dominates the area in both diesel repair and auto repair. See Geo Maps.


West Palm Beach Contractor

A Client needed a complete website built, I completely designed the site out from scratch, started with a blank slate, and used the Divi Theme to completely design the whole project. It is currently ranking for a couple of keywords on page one in the number one spot. We are still working on the project. 

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