On Page SEO vs. Off Page SEO

Hey guys back for another quick video here topic today is what is on-page SEO versus off page SEO…All right well on page SEO is basically let’s just use my site for example on page SEO is your title tags your URL structures your site speed you’re linking internally mobile-friendliness those are the basic overall things you’re going to focus on on your on-page if I get to page load here for some reason we’re running a little bit slow today now the first thing is your title tags obviously right here’s a title tag web design SEO if you can see it’s for my local area and it says the best design of woods fields you can see web design done right does your title tags h1 h2 this is an h3 let’s see if it’s an h3 for sure the best web design is an h3 your structure of your your site let’s see the URL structure so if you want to go here and see your services right here look with we’re gonna be looking for to see the URL is structurally correct and again we’re running slow today as you can see SEO services that’s one of your main things your site speed you can go to DT metrics and check your site speed go back here we copy our website URL and we enter it into DT metrics we can see what mine is I’ll show you here in just a second while that’s loading we can see internally linking you want to be linking these pages back to the home page so you want to look for something related to the keywords on your home page which on would be the web design so we’re going to look for anything around the word web design web design with SEO search engine optimization and say any of these web designers see we can link these kind of pages are almost the same but we can take these right here a web the best web design in woods field we could take we could find that or we can just add it best web design in woods field we can link it back to the home page you want to make sure your site is mobile friendly you can do that several ways I think so this is real quick okay our page speed is at ninety four right now our slow or whatever the yslow is there we’ve got fifty two requests so you want to have a good page speed as you can see I’ve got everything optimized everything’s looking good that’s a main key ranking factor and if you go here we can minimize this it’ll kind of show you if we’re mobile ready mobile-friendly as you can see the site looks like it’s mobile-friendly if we go back to our home page you’ll see that smaller you go it’s mobile-friendly as if it goes with you that shows your mobile-friendly and you can see that it’s definitely mobile-friendly now those are your on-page factors that you need to focus on your off page factors or your basically your articles that you’re having written that are into your blog post which I don’t have set up right now your blog post if you don’t any videos for your youtube videos like I’m doing right here and you’re linking these from YouTube back to your main site the content that you’re having written and posting in different article blogs linking back to your main site so basically back linking your Facebook page linking back to your home page your Google my business all your every one of your social platforms that you have linking back to your website articles that you’re getting written and the videos that’s all your off page stuff that you need to focus on so they’ve kind of a basic overview if you have any questions feel free to ask me at im@danieldenbow.com you guys have a wonderful day and talk to you soon.