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What You Will Get With Your Free Website Audit.

In this audit you will learn what you need to do to get to the first page of Google. Everything in the list below is covered and an explanation will be in the video above. You will get a step by step analysis of what is most important and what can wait for future months. I am doing websites with under 500 URLs for free. For website with over 500 URLs you will need to fill out this discovery form here.

But More Specifically:

Analyze all Keywords

Check Online and Offline Conversion Tracking

Check Basic and Technical SEO

Review GMB Optimization for service areas and physical businesses

Check for Local Citations

Check for NAP on all pages

Check for SSL

Check for Markup

Check for Duplicate pages

See if your Ranking in The 3 Pack

Check for 301 Redirects and any 404 pages

Check for CTAs

Review Search Console and Analytics if avail.

Branding, Domain Names, Hosting, CMS, etc.

See where you stand for Ranking For Related City’s and Services.

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